Small-Medium Enterprises in Japan

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Import / Export

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In a world that is now said to be borderless, there are many people who are unable to obtain the products they want due to physical distance and existing commercial distribution and logistics structures. In order to solve such social issues, our company utilizes our unique planning, technological, and transportation capabilities to bring Korean niche products to the Japanese market in line with the times and customer needs, including Japanese food and daily necessities. We operate with the corporate philosophy of “providing the best products to the Central Asian market.” Even though products from China and South Korea are currently dominating markets around the world, our preference for and trust in “Made in Japan” remains unwavering. We will confidently bring Japan closer to the people of Central Asia and contribute to society by exporting Japanese products to Central Asian countries.

Our Services

What We Do

Our team provides full range of services for Your successful business with Japan

We provide “good quality,” “reasonable prices,” and “stable procurement” of the various raw materials and products that Japanese consumers need, such as food and feed materials, vegetable oils, natural fiber-derived materials, and chemical products. In order to meet your needs, we are working on researching, importing, and intermediating imports of various products.

In order to successfully export and sell Japanese equipment and business know-how that meet local needs, or to successfully invest in local businesses and develop joint ventures with Japanese companies, we will develop projects that take into account the needs of our customers to the greatest extent possible. We provide consistent business support such as various surveys, communication (interpretation and on-site accompaniment), planning, negotiation advice, and arrangements necessary for business establishment at each stage from start to finish.

In order to eliminate dissatisfaction, anxiety, and inconvenience in the lives of local general consumers, we provide local information, enable small-scale transactions, reduce payment collection risks, and reduce logistics costs, and meet local needs. We are engaged in the export and sales of Japanese coffee, dressings, Japanese sweets, and daily necessities and miscellaneous goods suitable for each occasion.


Main products

Japanese food is attracting attention around the world because it is delicious and healthy. In Japan, there are many long-established manufacturers with a long history and companies that are constantly pursuing food innovation. We are working hard every day to make people in Central Asia aware of such Japanese foods.
・Coffee (instant, beans, drip, etc.)
・Seasonings (dressing, miso, soy sauce, ramen soup, etc.)
・Soft drinks (carbonated drinks, fruit juice drinks, energy drinks, etc.)
・Sweets (rice crackers, candy, chocolate, etc.)
・Frozen foods (raw material frozen products, processed frozen products, etc.)

Our Network

Russia & CIS

ロシア / Russia ナホトカ / Nakhodka
カザフスタン / Kazakhstan アスタナ / Astana
アルマティ / Almaty
ウズベキスタン / Uzbekistan タシケント / Tashkent
トルクメニスタン / Turkmenistan アシガバート / Ashgabat
ジョージア / Georgia トビリシ / Tbilisi
ポチ / Poti